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Andrew Walter
Unit 4, Kestrel House
Mill Street
Wiltshire, BA14 8BE
United Kingdom
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Having worked with various different coaches over the years, I can truly say that Andy Walter is at the top of his game and full of great tips and advice.
My confidence levels have improved hugely and I now have a firm sales strategy in place. I know my figures and check them regularly allowing me to plan for the next quarter.
Time management has improved greatly as has my focus which is now much more sales/marketing focused.

Jo Middleton – Dog First Aid
The passion and dedication that Andy displays his knowledge, understanding and genuine desire to see his clients succeed is something I have never come across before.
I have a clearer picture now so the business has direction and an ultimate success goal.
I have more confidence to tackle challenges, the “head in the sand” mentality is disappearing and I feel better and am able to make decisions in work and in life.

Anne Cooper – Galaxcare

This is vital for any business wishing to grow. I am more focused have seen profits rise, team engagement grow and my time is much better managed.

Phil Pearce – The Green Rocket Cafe

Andrew Walter the Business Growth Specialist, is second to none. we now have much more structure to what we do on a daily basis that helps us achieve our long term goals.

Colin Brown & Shane Whittiiker – BW Recruitment

I can see clearer now, I have a sense of what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and how we will achieve our goals.

Paul Griffin – Griffins Garage

Absolutely brilliant, made me feel I am not alone and other business people have similar problems and it is great to share ideas. I feel I am now on the right track to success.

Ed Hodgekinson – Business Professionals

I have a better sense of prioritisation with the various business demands and so I am better able to tackle things in a logical sequence to deliver my goals.

Matt Walpole – MW Elecritcal.
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